Lost weight and dieting

I lost 10 pounds, and I have to say that my special diet has made me have to use the bathroom even more than before, if that was possible :). My pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms also have not decreased. But, the diet has had two great benefits- I’ve had no fatigue or day time tiredness, except what comes from having pain and poor sleep at night. I have several sources of tiredness so I’m glad that I cut out the source which is certain types of food.

I’m guessing I have to lose another 10 pounds before I notice a different in the quality of sleep, and the energy that comes from just weighing less.

I also visited the Urologist the other day, and he’s going to run three uncomfortable tests over the next few weeks so he can determine the appropriate medicine for bladder retention and inability to empty.

My next step of lifestyle changes is to start exercising again (I needed more energy first before I could take this on). Maybe I’d start in on personal training again in the new year– but I would need to save up for that a bit first. If anyone local would want to share personal training at Coach Me Fit with me, please holler!


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