Hi All. Happy New Year!
Please excuse me as I use this post to vent a bit. My two remaining MS symptoms are driving me CRAZY!!
1. Muscle spasms/nerve pain have been worse in the last few days, but increasing the medicine for them hasn’t helped. I don’t know if I’m fighting a cold again and if that’s why things are flaring up. But it sure doesn’t help my sleep anyway, and it still takes about three to four hours before my body stops feeling stiff in the morning, and feels awake. This is even with stretching, joint supplements, coffee, etc.
2. My archnemesis- having to run to the bathroom all the time!! I’m still getting up three to five times a night. And, having to go several times during the day, often several times in a row because I just can’t empty all at once. And when I have to go, it’s really urgent. Sometimes just standing up makes me have to run to the bathroom. Changes in temperature definitely make me have to run to the bathroom. I think I must go 20-25 times daily, which I assume is way above average, right? I still have to get the three tests at the Urologist’s office. I am so impatient to be on treatment. I never realized how much the bathroom issues affect me, because I used to be consumed by much bigger things to deal with, and I also wasn’t putting out nearly as much energy as I do on a daily basis now (I think I must literally put out 5-8 times more energy a day). So the same issues are becoming more of an obstacle. Having to run from the couch to the bathroom is one thing, but having to find a bathroom while running errands, which I have energy for now, is much more frustrating. Sometimes I have to go to a bathroom in every store I’m in.

Well, I realize I’m one of the luckiest people on this whole earth, with all I have in my life, so if I have to be stuck with symptoms, I certainly think these are some of the most benign ones. But, it’s just my nature to constantly want to make things work better, especially when they’re things that cause upset or discomfort or embarrassment. So I’ll keep looking for answers…

On another topic, I decided I really cannot afford personal training. I took a pay cut with my new job- which is great because I’m so much happier, but it does mean I really cannot be thinking about PT! I’ll have to try and carve out a Saturday morning workout involving weights. If anyone local wants a Saturday morning workout buddy, just let me know. We could try it for a couple weeks and see how it goes.

My body still isn’t very strong- I haven’t exercised a lot this year- just stepping up my life functions has been enough exercise. All I do is stretch daily, and then walk my dog for 10 minutes a night.


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