Hey All, Sorry I’ve been a bit awol. I was very very busy with job-related drama. The upshot is that I’m no longer working in the Fundraising job I talked about. I’m not at liberty to share any details about how and why though- sorry! I’m about to start a new job that seems really great, working for someone who seems really down to earth, friendly, and good at what she does.

I’ve had a bunch of minor issues with the med. I started taking for urinary issues- you stop sweating so I keep overheating and that causes muscle weakness, your eyes get drier and so they itch, I’m having major dry mouth issues, felt like I had a cold every day, etc. But, I also had an actual cold for a while, and I’m not clear how much is related to what. So I’m going off the meds. for a week to see if I can sort this out.

I had my one-year checkup with my neurologist and as usual, spent less than five minutes in his office to do the “thorough neurological exam”. He is just not one to spend time with people… Oh well, at least I got a requisition for the one-year MRI follow up and I’ll hopefully have that soon. Those results should be interesting, so I can see if I have active lesions on my brain or spinal cord. It seems that most people who’ve had the CCSVI procedure don’t have active lesions. I’ll keep you posted!

After the period of job stress died down, that flare-up in my symptoms died down and I’m back to feeling great overall! No dizziness, fatigue, vision issues, numbness or anything that went away with the procedure. Yay!


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  1. Carla
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 15:01:31

    Congratulations on your new job! I’m sorry, however, about your issues with the new medication. It’s always something with MS, isn’t it? Keep us posted!


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