April Update

Hi All,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve had a lot going on though. Been looking like crazy for a new job, while temp’ing 20 hours a week. Of the types of things I’m considering, the only type of job I feel physically unsure about is being a trainer. I think I could do it, but I’d have to build up some physical strength- this is something I did not have time to take on post-procedure- such a rocky recovery, then started the busiest job I have ever had. I’m working on the physical strength now that I have more time on my hands. I’m trying to lift weights 3x a week and I do some strengthening exercises in the morning as well. But, to do a training job, I’d probably need to work up to going on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, in order to have the level of strength I’d need. And, I’d have to successfully treat my constant bathroom-going. 

I tried the Gelnique and then stopped it twice- it definitely worked but I had so many little side problems that I didn’t know if they were caused by the med. or not, and if I was just trading in one set of problems for another. The jury is still out on this one. 

I had a very bad upper respiratory infection for about 10 days. One night I forgot my muscle spasm medicine and combining that with extreme fatigue from being sick, I literally couldn’t walk and/or had to walk with a cane. Thankfully Aaron picked me up every time I fell- what a supportive guy (literally!). 

Anyway, I’m all better now!

Oh, and one AMAZING change I’ve noticed in the last month (it might’ve happened several months ago, but it was cold out so I didn’t test it). So one night the comforter was too hot and I must’ve kicked it off in the night. Usually this would be HORRIBLE because not having a thick blanket on me, even in hot weather, would mean that I would wake up with excruciating sciatic pain. I’m not kidding when I say excruciating. This is somehow now miraculously gone- I slept through that night with no problems. So I tried again for the next two nights, and again, no problems! This is such a blessing.

Lately I’ve been really stressed out about not having a permanent job, and as usual, I’ve been taking the stress into my physical body, and not sleeping well. I’ve got to manage that stress better- I’m thinking maybe going on the treadmill every day would be good- it’s just hard to find a consistent time every single day (I only seem to be able to do something long term if I do it every single day). 

Anyway, that’s an update on my health! Hope you all are doing well and that those of you who have been treated for CCSVI are still improving!

I have been procrastinating in getting my one-year follow-up MRI. Need to do that…


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