That Divinyls Video and Update

Hi All,

Sorry about that video not coming up. I will try yet again here:

So lately I’ve been going through a bunch of different possible drugs and herbal things for overactive bladder, and none of them are the right thing. Some make me cough all night, others make my body very very weak, etc. It’s been hard to feel “stable” while going through all the weirdness of these meds. I can’t bring myself to try a new drug for a couple weeks at least, so I am going to try pumpkin seed oil and maybe also saw palmetto next. I’m also restarting a homeopathic med., just because I already have it so why not?

I’ve been feeling pretty frenzied and anxious about finding a new job lately, and I’ve seen a definite uptick in MS symptoms b/c of this. But relative to my days of being very sick, it’s nothing.

To drain some energy each day (so I have less to get anxious with!), I decided to try to go on the treadmill most days. My husband has been running every day for a half hour on the treadmill and it’s inspired me. I need to go EXTREMELY slowly to sustain 35 minutes, but it’s fun because I can watch tv at the same time. But this is probably good b/c I never had time to take exercise seriously after my procedure and my walking is still pretty wobbly due to poor strength. So I do stretches every morning, handweights 3x a week, and now treadmill. Hopefully I’ll be in good shape to do some gardening this summer!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bennett
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 19:03:59

    Glad to know you are still trucking..



  2. Carla
    May 21, 2012 @ 11:18:40

    I’ve been trying to find a job (part time) myself. I hear ya. I also hear you on the hard to stay stable part with MS stuff always jumping in our way. You hang in there!


  3. Lisa
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 14:48:42

    overactive nerve shaking bladder, have you tried allegron, i have same problem it works


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