Update (Nothing Big)

I feel like I hit a nice personal milestone today. I injured my ankle last summer and as a result have been in physical therapy for six months, off and on. It started out being about my ankle and then later my PT wanted to address the fact that my body overall was very very weak, from all the years of MS suffering. Today I was finally discharged from PT and have gotten SO much stronger. I also have a wonderful workout routine that I can do for the next several years, when I get home from work each day. Going forward, I’m keeping up what I’m already doing, and swapping out PT for taking family (husband, me and two dogs) walks on Saturday mornings and also getting back in the pool on Sundays.

My physical therapist was right- I really was very very weak. I still am, but less so. I went from not being able to hold my one 13lb. dog for more than a couple minutes (and having to use two hands), to being able to carry both dogs at once, one in each hand, while moving around throughout the house on flooring that may potentially have dog toys laying around! I can also dance now, for a good 3-4 songs before it gets to be too much.

I’ve also been out of work for several months (for all the people who didn’t know this- please don’t feel bad- I just wanted to stay low-key about it) and that was a blessing in disguise to have a job that was bad enough to quit! I changed to the Paleo diet right away, started going on the treadmill daily (worked up to 30 minutes a day), and also have done strength training 2-5 times a week. I have so much more energy with all these things, and with drinking 16 oz. of kombucha daily. The whole thing has been really really healthy for me, even if hard financially! I start a new job on Monday.

My physical therapist even said from her perspective, I could probably do a “Couch-to-5k” training program. I am not sure that’s the best thing, from the perspective of MS, but I am hoping maybe I can finally walk 5K in the Vision Builders 5K this Fall. I might need my awesome hiking poles for support, and a camelbak pack to stay hydrated, but that’s fine with me! I know I can walk 2K comfortably right now- and maybe 3K if I use the hiking poles…

Anyway, just wanted to post an update since it’s been five months. I’m about to go into busy mode soon. Hope you are all doing well!


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  1. mhirzel
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 21:10:23



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